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I am very picky with my tattoo as for me getting a tattoo is a lifetime investment so only the perfect tattoo design will do! and thanks to your website I have found the perfect tattoo, I also learned alot of things on your Tattoo Guides and Ebooks. Again many many thanks to you guys!

- Ashley Cooper, Miami Florida

Being a tattoo artist myself, their design and tattoo collection is simply amazing! If you are serious about getting a tattoo then PrintMyTattoo.com is a must try!.

- Hanzen "The Inker" Miller, Toronto, Canada

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I was on a friend's party when someone said cool tattoo, what does it mean?
That someone is now my girlfriend and future wife =)

- Jerome Tyler, Los Angeles, USA


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Finding a tattoo is one thing, finding a tattoo artist is another thing. With your membership, you will have access to thousands of tattoo artists & studios! So whether you are in the US, UK or Asia, you can pick the design you want and go to a tattoo studio near you! Best of all, our studio database includes ratings and comments from members and people all over the world. So you can be sure that you are getting the best artist possible.

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