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I am very picky with my tattoo as for me getting a tattoo is a lifetime investment so only the perfect tattoo design will do! and thanks to your website I have found the perfect tattoo, I also learned alot of things on your Tattoo Guides and Ebooks. Again many many thanks to you guys!

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Being a tattoo artist myself, their design and tattoo collection is simply amazing! If you are serious about getting a tattoo then PrintMyTattoo.com is a must try!.

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10/10 - Printmytattoo.com is the best tattoo website out there period! Don't waste your money on other site, printmytattoo.com is the real deal.

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I was on a friend's party when someone said cool tattoo, what does it mean?
That someone is now my girlfriend and future wife =)

- Jerome Tyler, Los Angeles, USA



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